Introducing NewBrick®

Simply put, NewBrick® is the biggest innovation in brick. Ever. Now you can get the look of brick you want without all of the weight, hassle and cost associated with old, heavy traditional clay brick. Here are all the ways NewBrick® is just a better way to build with brick!


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Many things have improved over the last 9,000 years… until now brick was not one of them!


  • Weighs only 2.45 lbs/sq. ft. before mortar
  • Results in higher daily productivity
  • Eliminates ties, pans, and shelf angles; significantly reduces load-bearing footings
  • Compresses exterior construction schedules


  • Meets NFPA 285
  • Contributes to the insulation requirements as published in the IECC and ASHRAE 90.1 when installed over a NewBrick CI system
  • Meets the State of California energy efficiency requirements as defined in Title 24, part 6 when installed over a NewBrick CI system


  • Can reduce energy bills because thermal insulation is built right into NewBrick
  • Can contribute to LEED credits when used in combination with a NewBrick CI system


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Can include air/water-resistive barriers; continuous CI; drainage plane; and a cladding system that comes with a complete single-source warranty
  • Supplied by a single manufacturer; can be installed by a single contractor
  • Horizontal alignment guide makes installation process easier and faster

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But, now with so much more!

NewBrick® offers the industry a different way to build more cost and energy efficient traditional looking buildings from the ground up in a faster and simpler way. A game-changing innovation in exterior wall design that can be installed over most common building materials, including concrete and masonry, as well as over a NewBrick CI system.







What is NewBrick®?

The name says it all. NewBrick is a new, innovative, engineered brick that provides building owners, architects, installers, and general contractors with a lightweight, insulated, energy-efficient wall with brick veneer. NewBrick allows construction professionals to think differently about the way walls are constructed. It can be installed over any NewBrick CI system and over many other approved substrates.

What colors, textures, and sizes of NewBrick are available?

We offer 16 standard solid colors, plus 4 color blends and the ability to custom color match and blend. Click here for images and colors.

How many bricks per square foot (Estimating Brick Types)?

There are approximately 7 (6.8, to be specific) flat bricks per square foot (for our popular Modular size).

What type of mortar do you use with NewBrick?

You can use any commercially available packaged mortar that meets ASTM C270 Type N or S specifications. See approved application instructions for proper mortar application with NewBrick.

What is the NewBrick warranty?

When used as a component over any Outsulation system, the system warranty will apply[1].

  • When NewBrick is used over other substrates, such as masonry, a 10-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects is available.
  • NewBrick over the HDCI™ system will carry the system warranty but NewBrick will not carry a puncture resistance warranty typically associated with a full HDCI system.
  • Please note that the mortar for NewBrick is industry standard mortar and is not a Dryvit product. Mortar is not covered under any Dryvit warranty.


For a period of ten (10) years from the date of substantial completion of the project, when installed in accordance with NewBrick by Dryvit’s current published literature under normal weather conditions and excluding unusual air pollution, the finish will be water resistant so long as surface integrity is maintained and will be UV fade resistant, except for specially produced colors; specially produced colors will be UV fade resistant for a period of five (5) years from the date of substantial completion of the project.

[1] Always refer to appropriate Dryvit system warranty statements for the warranty details.

Can NewBrick be customized?

Customization of NewBrick is accomplished through a physical matching process. It requires that a physical sample be sent to the NewBrick sample department. Upon receipt, it will be reviewed for feasibility and pricing. Please understand that customized sample generation will take longer than standard sample production.

NewBrick Samples
Attn: Jeannine Anctil
200 First Avenue
Cranston, RI 02910

Additional FAQ

Just like clay brick, NewBrick has natural and subtle variations in shading and texture — even in the solid, single colored bricks. When installed, NewBrick does not present perfectly uniform color over the face of a wall.


A NewBrick CI system with 2” of EPS continuous insulation and NewBrick veneer will have an R value of 9+. The R-value of NewBrick with mortar is 1.4. For comparison, the clear wall R-value of mortared conventional brick is 0.3–0.4.


While you still need to measure, the guide provides a uniform spacing standard that can increase labor production. In other words, you’ll have more bricks applied per man day. The horizontal alignment guide also boosts R-value by extending the continuity of the insulation into the mortar joint.


Pricing depends on quantities, brick size, brick style, and brick effect. Contact your Regional Sales Manager for pricing in your market.


Always refer to the NewBrick specification DS872 for the latest listing. Currently, acceptable substrates for NewBrick include:

  • Base coat of a NewBrick CI system
  • Poured-in-place concrete and precast concrete
  • Unglazed brick and masonry units
  • Portland cement plaster
  • NewBrick air/water resistive barrier applied over the acceptable substrates noted above


Yes, NewBrick over an Insulated CI system is compliant with NFPA 285.


NewBrick does not have a separate ICC ESR. NewBrick should be considered as like other Dryvit finishes. More specific questions should be directed to NewBrick’s Customer Services Team.


No. NewBrick is an “article” and does not require a separate SDS. Articles are specifically exempted from the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard.


NewBrick Adhesive, Dryvit’s Primus®, Genesis®, Primus® DM, or Genesis® DM can be used.


Allowable deflections are governed by the typical limits of the substrate to which the NewBrick is applied. For EIFS the limit is L/240. For masonry and concrete it is L/700. For stucco and cement board MD, it is L/360. In other words, if the substrate is designed appropriately, NewBrick can be applied over it without modification.


The mortar should be allowed to set for a minimum of 7 days before panels are moved or shipped. Care must be taken to ensure the panels are not subjected to excessive flexing or shock during handling and transport.


All cement-based products require moisture to hydrate and achieve proper strength and durability. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding maintaining proper conditions for hydration. Fogging of the mortar is advisable in hot, dry, or windy conditions to prevent the mortar from drying too rapidly.


We recommend you start at the window head and then work up or down. Sills will normally have flashing, which may cover any gaps. NewBrick can be easily trimmed as required.


The reason the EIFS industry doesn’t allow application of sealant directly to textured finishes is that with the variety of textures available, it’s difficult to ensure a watertight bond line across the various textures. With the bolder finishes, the sealant tends to sit against the peaks and doesn’t entirely flow into the valleys.

The finish covering NewBrick is a modified version of the EIFS finishes and has a smoother texture that makes it easier to achieve a watertight seal. It has been tested for adhesion to sealant.


Dietrich 202 or Prosoco’s Sure Kleen 600, both diluted minimum 10:1. Use a soft brush to remove excessive mortar and use color-matched finish to touch up any remaining stains. Do not use solvent-based cleaners.


Absolutely. Almost any design that can be made with either standard modular brick or thin brick can be made with NewBrick.


Not at this time. Special test protocols are required for interior applications and we have no plans to address that market now.


There are no special seismic requirements for NewBrick veneer – it is treated just like any EIFS. Any seismic requirements for the building will need to be designed into the underlying structural components.

The specific seismic structural requirements and additional reinforcement required for traditional brick are not required for NewBrick.


NewBrick is durable and will provide a long service life, but damage can occur in extreme cases. Fortunately, NewBrick is easy to repair. Assuming the damage is contained to the NewBrick veneer, simply cut out the damaged bricks and replace them. Apply mortar to complete the repair.

An important note: if only the brick veneer is damaged and the underlying system is a NewBrick CI system, the integrity of the system’s ability to withstand moisture, air and water infiltration remains intact. NewBrick with a NewBrick CI system has redundancy built in.


Prior to an order: NewBrick recommends that each project have a field mockup, which the owner approves. The field mockup should become part of the standard of acceptance for the project.

NewBrick is a made-to-order (MTO) product. However, we do keep a large inventory of bricks ready for color. Order lead time will vary depending upon size of the order and production schedule at the time of order. A typical lead time for order fulfillment is 30 days, although some orders may ship within 2 weeks. Questions about orders may be directed to Don Webster

  • We encourage you to place your project’s entire order at one time, rather than placing multiple orders over time. It is possible to split-ship large orders; simply provide the shipping details when you place your order.
  • Minimum order size for standard color/texture is one unit. We will not split a unit.
  • We request the job name and address with every NewBrick order.

Custom colors may carry a minimum order size.


NewBrick ships from Cranston, Rhode Island 02910, and is priced EX WORKS, freight collect, or prepaid by NewBrick and added to the invoice.

Packaging, weights and measures:

NewBrick flats are sold in bundles, while corners are boxed. Boxes and bundles are easy to maneuver on job sites.


All NewBrick materials, are intended for installation by professional contractors. Contract NewBrick or your local authorized distributor for a list of contractors in the project location.